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Digging Deeper

In Today's World, We find ourselves expanding to meet our Client's ever increasing needs.
That's how we now offer Digging and Excavation for Foundations, Septic Systems, and More.


Foundation Prep

Having a good team to clear, grade, and set your property or land up for foundations being poured or bricked can save you THOUSANDS in heartburn later from cracks and leaks that come with poor grading.

We bring our years of outdoor experience to work for you to make sure it is done right from the start!

Contact Halls today for a free estimate.


The Right Tools

Many people have jumped on the

yard/land work bandwagon. But.... Not many have the tools and experience to do the job justice.

At Halls, we are local people who have invested our money to have the right equipment, and our selves personally are vested to grow the CSRA as a community we live in and care about!


Well Contained

All jobs, whether large or small, need to be handled with pride and with an attitude of how we would like to be treated as consumers.

With this in mind, Halls strives to keep all job sites contained and as tidy as possible to minimize mess and stress on our client families. Big Jobs and big equipment do not have to mean big messes!

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